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Jan 12, 2008
I am picking up a 1975 Norton Commando and I have no clue mechanically how to work on motorcycles. Does anyone know of anyone in San Antonio, Texas that has experience with these motorcycles. Thanks for any help!
I am currently having my 72 Combat restored by Paul of Born Again Bikes in Laredo, TX. I believe he plans on moving to the Austin area in the near future, which would be closer to your location in San Antonio. Paul is a great person to work with and is a technical expert when it comes to Commandos. Here's his website if you want to get in touch with him:

Unless he's moved, I believe Luis Llano lives in the Clear Lake area, south of Houston.

Norbsa, how is it that you know Luis?

Britbike repair shop

My name is Lou LLano. I have a shop in Alvin, TX called Relic Cycles. All I work on is old Britbikes. I'm located between Houston and Galveston. If I can be of help let me know. I can be reached at 281-331-2059
Lou and not Luis; Alvin and not Clear Lake. Sorry for the mistakes.

This hasn't been my weekend. I splattered battery acid on my left silencer and chain guard on my way to and from British USA, which damaged the chrome in several places. Then, I accidently washed my cell phone in the washing machine. It' now toast.

So, how do you know Norbsa, Lou?
That's OK Jason, my name is Luis but I go by Lou. Do I know you? Don't recognize the name. I Met Greg (Norbsa) at Mid Ohio Vintage Bike Days and the Norton national rally in Ohio a few years ago. I've bought parts from him and we email each other now and then. If you need a battery contact me. All I sell are the sealed ones that can't spill acid for the very reason you experienced. Cheers!
Lou, Good to see ya here. Lou makes his way working on bikes and has been staying at it alive for a good long while. His Norton runs well and looks good. His questions and answers about brit bikes are required reading for me. Welcome here Lou. Now can you explain your last name with the two L's and how we are to be saying that in our heads.

We originally meet at Cliff Holland's shop, British USA; you were getting parts for your BSA. And about ten years ago we rode together to a bar called the Poop Deck, or something like that, in Galveston during the Confederate air show. The last time we ran into each other was at Raes (sp) Machine Shop off College Street.

Welcome to the forum!

P.S. Whatever you do, don't call Norbsa - Pops!
I'm in SA as well, though i'm still a newbie to Nortons too. At the very least we could probably hook up and simultaneously swear at some electrical demon that we can't figure out.
Coincidentally my 750 was a rolling basket project I got from Lou last year.

Didn't know you came on this forum, how ya been?

Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I didn't know anything about this forum until Greg (Norbsa) emailed me about it.
Grant, glad to hear you're still plugging away at the Norton basket I sold you last year. Hope you can make it to the New Ulm rally in May.
Greg, to answer your question about my last name, my grand dad was a Spaniard and LL is actually a letter in Spanish and is pronounced like a "Y", so my name is really pronounced Yano.
I've been keeping real busy at the shop. There's always a Triumph or two to work on plus a Norton and the occasional Beezer. Looking forward to future postings on this forum. Cheers!
Thanks lou, I was trying to roll those double L's and it was hurting part of my brain. Not to many Spanish folks around here. Thanks for the lesson.
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