New Front Brake Caliper

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Jul 18, 2003
Has anyone tried the Grimeca front brake caliper? How does it compare to the Lockheed AP caliper?

I would like to know of any hints & tips before commiting to either one.

My original Lockheed front caliper is not easily repairable - the inner piston could not be dislodged ... a previous owner had pushed silastic glue into the bleed hole to stop it leaking. This blocked all fluid to the inner piston. Once the brake shop had drilled the piston & extracted it all was revealed.

While I consider my repair options with the old caliper I want to upgrade.

The Grimeca is less expesive but I don't know anyone using one.
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I am guessing that your talking about the stock norton caliper. if so it has 44mm pistons. i am not sure about the grimica but the ap racing caliper has 41mm pistons. this is not the hot setup unless you change the master cylinder to one with a smaller bore. you need to find out what size pistons are in the grimica first!!!!! or find a replacment body for your old one.

Norvil makes a kit to replace the disc and caliper but it's a little pricey($520 plus shipping from England)
I've often thought of the hundreds of disc brakes used on all of the different bikes that there should be a caliper that would match the bolt holes in the fork leg of the Norton, but not having access to a MC junkyard i've never pursued it. If you use the Grimeca caliper you probably need to use the Grimeca master cyclinder too.

the kit from norvil uses the ap racing caliper with 41mm pistons. you will need a 12mm master cylinder to get close to a proper ratio!!! this is why I asked him to check the piston size on the grimeca caliper.

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Bill - I will confirm the piston size of the Grimeca - I think it is 41mm like the AP Racing caliper but it is prudent to check.

I do have a Grimeca 13mm Master Cylinder that I can use.

If anyone has used this setup I would like to know the outcome.

the 13mm master cyl is better. it will give you an aprox. 19-1 ratio with the 41mm caliper which is better than the stock setup that was 15-1.

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