New carb alternative

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Oct 21, 2004
JRC engineering has developed a "lower cost" modern replacement for Amal concentrics. Its main advantages that I can see is a chrome slide and an enricher that replaces the tickler.
It looks like dealer will be able to retail them for a bit less than a new Amal, and way less than a new Mikuni.

What do you guys/girls think of it?
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I defend Amals alot. However if there is modern day replacement that can use stock air cleaner, cables etc., I am interested.

Couldn't help but notice the PWK on the float bowl. Leads me to believe this is some derivitive of the Keihin, PWK. The PWK has been around awhile and is tried and proven. Parts availability would be excellant.
I think it would be a good choice.
Looks interesting, particularly if you can fit two of them into the same space the Amals fit into. I'd want some way to operate the two choke plungers in unison though. Trying to manipulate both individually sounds like a pain.

But for easy starting, nothing beats a tickler IMHO. My Norton, with the Amals, starts first kick. Hard to improve on that! :wink:

I'd be interested too! I agree a MK1 Amal can't be beat for ease of starting and simple tuning. However, I'm getting tired of the sticky slide issues on both my new MK1's installed 5000 miles ago.
If anyone gets one of these I'd be REALLY interested in the feedback. Also, a dealer in NZ would be nice.........
It looks like a viable alternative to a new AMAL. It may be no match for an AMAL with a chrome slide, however. And I like my ticklers, albeit they can be messy if you're not careful!

Thank you for making us aware of this carb.

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