need advice with a Commando Interstate Clip On set up

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Dec 19, 2005
can anyone email me some pictures and/or give me some advice with set up on using clip on's on my 1974 Interstate? there always seems to be a hurdle whether with the master cylinder and headlamp ears and top of the fork or tank clearance, etc, anyone with the set up already who can offer help would be greatly appreciated.

1974 Commando Interstate
1967 BSA Mk.IV Spitfire (yes, '67 Mk.IV)
1944 BSA WM20
and a couple of 1981 Yamaha XT500's

in this pic it shows the tommaselli adjustable clip ons i bought. i also bought a headlight from the headlamp and nicely made headlamp clamps are from that page. the headlight lens is made out of plastic (which is my only issue).

but, with the clip ons, and everything set up, i dont come close to hitting the tank (i have the clipons facing the opposite side of the fork tubes). these are also adjustable and i can move them way down the fork tubes, and drastically cut the angles, etc. of the bars.

sometimes i ramble and dont make sense, but if i did make sense, then hopefully this will help you out.

as far as the clipons, clubman racing sells em and you can find em on ebay, just make sure they are the right fork tube size

need advice with a Commando Interstate Clip On set up
Main thing will be the tank clearance...I smashed nice dents in both sides of my tank because I didn't bother to check before making the first u turn... :D

The sort of setup Driggs has, is what I ended up with too, but even with that sort of thing, the clearance is migthy close...go slow and careful with the installation, and you will avoid dumb dents and being ticked off.... :wink:
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