My first Norton

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Jul 16, 2004
I'm a total newby to this forum and to Norton ownership. I just (yesterday) bought a '75 Roadster and I'm having it fully restored to original configuration for riding and showing. Any advice on any quirks with this model would be sincerely appreciated.

Does anyone have a source for the original-type black paint used on this model?

I sold my new '03 H-D Road King to be able to buy it!!

Thanks in advance,

Hi jpooch00,

Welcome to the Norton forum!

I too have a 75 Commando. This was the first Norton to shift on the left and rear brake on the right, and the last Commando imported to the USA. As such, some of the components associated with these mechanisms are relatively scarce.

Be mindful of the primary cover where the shift shaft pokes through. If the bike has been dropped on the left, the area around the shift-shaft boss may have cracks, visible from insider the primary. Also, the front brake master cylinder is somewhat rare, so don't give up on yours regardless of condition.

The electric starter and associated mechanisms are feeble at best; more of an electric start assist than a full blown all-by-itself starter. In my opinion the design was so poor that repairs don't make sense. My Commando is now a kick start only bike.

I don't know about your black paint. There are no color charts or specs for the original Norton paint that I know of. I recommend a PPG paint system using a typical black color.

Let us know how your project is coming along and don't be afraid to ask questons, even if they seem off-the-wall; we answer them all, even real humdingers.


Hey Jason,

Thank you very much for your kind response!!

I'm sure I'll come up with plenty of questions once I get going with the resto.

Thanks again, and ride safe!!


Hi John,

Welcome to the world of Nortons.

I am trying to find color mayches also for my web page/s.
If you happen to be find out anything RE: paint codes please advise me &

I will post it on my web site.
Check it out if you like.

Enjoy your new machine :D
It would seem small after a Road King wouldn't it ?

Hey Reg,

Thanks for the link - I checked it out & saved it for future use.

And yes indeed, this bike seems tiny compared to the RK. But good things always come in small packages, right?

Best wishes and ride safe,

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