Mirror socket size?

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Aug 26, 2006
Greetings, all!

I'm a new forum member, though I've been lurking here for about a week after finding this forum. I've been spending rather quite a bit of time perusing the material on the old posts. There is indeed a King's ransom of information here.:D

My question today is what bolt size and thread pitch fits the mirror mount threaded holes on the stock handlebar lever perches? I'm fitting aftermarket turn signal mirrors. This for a '72 750 Combat.

Thanx for any information- I'm sure this is the first of many questions
Hello, Curtiss P-40b,

I would expect the thread to be 3/8" x 24 tpi (UNF).
Hello and welcome !

The mirror fixings are 3/8" UNF as standard but best to check what you've got because they're often damaged and/or tapped oversize. If the mirrors you're looking for are intended for Oriental products then you could get away with drilling oversize and tapping M12.

Thank you for your knowlegeable and quick response. I'll hit the local Hardware Emporium tomorrow AM and get some SS bolts to try out.

I'll be back with more questions, no doubt, as I continue to refurb my Old Girl.

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