Mikuni conversion

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Jan 30, 2005
What people have done the Mikuni single carb conversion? and what have you go tout of it, economy wise, reliability? thanks.
Hello Mr. Bowsaw,
I suggest reading the previous posts on this forum. Then go to
britiron.com and read the posting there and then go to
www.noc.co.uk (technical section under commando carbs/mikuni)
there's lots of reading, lots of opinions too, just remember everyones welcome to his or her opinion no matter how wrong they are.

Mikuni convert

I switched to the Mikuni single set up after messing with the Amals for ever and never getting them just right. The conversion is straight up if you buy a complete kit.

BUT.............it only masked the real problems. It ran smoother, started easier and idled well but the engine still used a quart of 20/50 in 500 miles.

The real fix for the bike was a rebore with new pistons and rings.

I had the Amals rebored and sleeved and they were 100% better.

The Mikuni's were put on to end the mid range surge, uneven idle, hard starting.

There is a modification to the Mikuni that some Norteneers are working on but the details haven't been released as of yet.(app. another 8 h.p.)

Yhe Mikuni will sacrafice some top end performance but that doesn't really bother me very often.

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