Mark 3 Balanced Ex pipes - anybody got a set they'd sell?

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Sep 26, 2007
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I dinged my left side exhaust pipe when I had an encounter with a car a couple of days ago - see separate post

Found everything on my parts list at OldBritts, except for the exhaust pipe.

I made a couple of other calls, but no luck yet.

Anybody out there have a left side pipe in good condition? Or, if I have to, I would buy the set (left, right, and crossover pipe).

Note - I have the Wassel pea-shooter mufflers, not the stock bean-can style.

Anxious to get back on the road....

PS - I know that some people have switched from the balanced/crossover setup to the older style separate pipes. But I've heard of problems with the left side clearing the Mark 3 primary case, and the right pipe interfering with the kickstart). I'd like to avoid both of those complications and stick with the stock balanced pipe setup.

Or maybe there is no truth to these "complications" ?

Keith Kelly
Encinitas, Calif.

For what its worth, I have two sets of Mk3 style non-balanced pipes. No fitment issues, but the plating is not what I would call exemplary.

A buddy searched for nearly a year for a suitable set of replacement Mk3 cross-over pipes. Finally resorted to finding a set of originals and having them re-chromed. But he is quite particular and does long miles on his Mk3. He had several issues of cracking at the crossover on his first set of pipes (from unknown source).
I have a slightly ratty set you could rechrome if needed but I would just search for a good set of new ones that fit depending on rechrome vs. the cost of a new set.

Wrench grabbed my Dunstall silencers and the headers and cross over were destined for parts box. The cross over part is rusty and the pinch bolt areas could use some attention. They are yours for the cost of shipping if you want them.
SCORE !! found a new set of balanced (Wassel brand) on the shelf at British Cycle Supply in Wolfeville, Nova Scotia.

And i was only on my 3rd phone call....

These guys have been in business since the 60's or 70's and I had almost forgotten about them. I was on still on their customer list from 1977 - imagine that!

They have one set left (have to buy both left and right side), but they are the correct set for the Mark 3. Done deal.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Back on the road in a few days - yeah!

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