Look at what santa in april brought!!

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Jul 18, 2005
so much for christmas in july.. christmas in april!

got my new parts from oldbritts, cnw and stopped down at clubman racing in milford, ct and got some parts and chitchatted with frank for a bit.

new corbin gunfighter seat coming late this week.. im excited!

Look at what santa in april brought!!

Look at what santa in april brought!!

Look at what santa in april brought!!
That's how I like to see parts. Spread all over the dining room table.
Makes me feel at home.
Good luck and enjoy!! :D
Just how many Christmas's do you have there!!,nice looking simple head steady.Enjoy, keep us updated on your progress -- Merry Christmas!. Ride safely, James.
Holey Guacamole ! fun Fun FUN ! S W E E T !

so, how you gonna hold up that headlight when you slide on those clip-ons?

you probably said earlier but who's belt did you get and are you going to run it wet?

im not sure yet about the headlight.. i have a ducati monster headlight thats a little bit thinner than the stock (im not using the shell as a wiring nest).

and i got the belt drive thru clubman racing, but its a rgm kit. ill be running it dry too (although it says you can run it wet)
There are some nice one piece aluminum headlight ears out there.. much nicer compared to the SS ones I think anyway.. How are you going to open your primary case for the cooling?
no idea bout the case. hopefully i can source a decent used one, and add some vents in that.. any ideas????
The Dreer method is shown in this picture - http://i8.ebayimg.com/04/i/06/de/86/62_3.JPG
and norbsa has an interesting concept here oops, can't find the website but I'm sure he'll be happy to share that with you.. I believe DynoDave has a suggestion to remove inner case plates.. what did Clubmand suggest?

oh yes, used outer covers keep showing up on eBay, go for +/- $100 gotta watch carefully and NOT get caught up in bidding wars!
any negatives on unscrewig the three plugs from the outer case and making some sort of small snorkel type inlet device with a screen? it wouldnt stick out much, but i imagine it would still draw in a fair amount of air, and with one inlet being closest to the forks and another towards the rear of the bike, it would provide decent flow throughout the case?

did i just confuse anyone?
I would think that if you RAMaired it in, you wouldn't need to snorkel it out. I'd just be worried the front duct would be a toe catcher/stopper on the brake side.. but it WOULD BE CUTE!
yeah looking at my own signature picture, the front one would be a stopper.. although the middle and rear ones could work. im going to have to start fabricating this idea i think
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