Jeff Beck

It was said to be quick. Well there is that. But he was a car guy too, a real one. Will be interesting to see where his guitars and cars go. Probably one of the greatest guitarists of his time.
'Jeff Beck is my idol. F*cking guy gets notes from nowhere, you know? Sometimes he finds notes that I just do not have on my guitar'

Ritchie Blackmore: 'Guitar' magazine, December 1996
I have a shirt I bought at a JB concert with a pic of him sitting on a Triumph Bonneville in front of his dog. Cars, bikes, dogs and music. My kinda guy. Godspeed (which your hands had in surplus).
I am always sad when a musician dies because they are always a force for good. To me, they are like Tasmania - I have a strong psychological need to know they are still there and unspolied. There is too much plastic shit in our world. Music is one of the most valuable things in my life.

Go To Highway traveling music in my cars and trucks when I was single. Wore that cassette out.