Isolastic Adjustment

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Nov 9, 2006
I have my front engine mount of my 74 Commando sitting vertical in the vice with all shims removed as per the manual. What I am unsure of is how to measure the clearance.If it just sits freely it measures 40 thou. But the cap at the bottom nearest the vice has some up/down play. So if I hold the mount and press down to get rid of that play, the measurement is 65 thou. Which measurement should I use? I am guessing that I need to get rid of that play in the bottom cap, to get a true measure.

Yes u do need to get rid of the excess play, but this could be comming form the fact that all the bits and bobs are not square to each other. What I did on my 74 with the original shim set up was, with access to a lathe, carefully face the various parts to get them dead true. Then it is possible to cheat a little and adjust the endfloat by selectively machininf off the various faces. By doing this I got my 10 thou endfloat with a single 20 thou shim. Using the fine 5 thou shim's probably means a short lived adjustment as the thin shims tend fret and disapear quickly.

If you can get hold of a lathe it is worth the exercise. Otherwise dig deep and fit the adjustable variety.

Regards Richard
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