Internal throttle assemblies. Has anyone done it?

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Aug 14, 2006
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I am looking at this:

Internal throttle assembly geared towards Harleys. A commando would sure look nice without the regular throttle bolted to the bars. You can get microswitches installed in the bars as well to eliminate switch clusters.
Harley's use 1 inch bars. Norton's use 7/8 bars. As long as your willing to get 7/8 bars that fit the upper triple tree's for a Norton, and modify them so they swell to one inch, and re-chrome them and spend the hundreds of dollars you may have what you like. I sure would not like to be on the side of the road with this set up broken down but in the age of cell phones anything is possible.
I didn't know the Harley bars were bigger, so I guess that answers my question. It was nice to think about for a short while.
My 16H has 1" bars 8)

Internal throttles were quite in fashion with the smooth line of the 1930s when even the instuments went in to a tank-top panel.

Can we assume that you're not intending to fit clip-ons and rear-sets ? :wink:
Yes, no clip ons or rear sets. I have a couple of compressed discs in my back so being hunched over would kill me after a while.

I am thinking of putting the Dickerson triple trees on there, depending which model of Commando I ultimately buy, and I know the bar clamps bolt on to the Dickerson triple trees so all I have to do is find out if they make a 1" bar clamp that can attatched to the triple trees. If not, I will go stock and apparently these guys make a 7/8" compatible internal throttle.

I am kind of putting the cart before the horse, researching and choosing what I want to do to the bike before I even get it, but I want to dive right into the project as soon as a Commando is in my posession and not have much down time deciding or waiting for parts to show up.

It will be a cafe style a la Clorodo Norton Works, and I am sourcing a lot of parts and upgrades (machining parts for new seals ect.) through them.
My '73 Interstate has 1" Harley drag bars courtesty of p.o. Apparently he machined the top of the triple clamp flat,drilled for the Harley risers, then re-polished. It is well done, and if you didn't know better, would pass for stock. It is, howerever, to me, a hideous travesty, and will eventually be corrected. It would make internal cables possible though.
fastback said:
I think the url you mean is

I confess, I'm baffeled by this chopper/tuner culture. Is there a subwhoofer and a Nintendo in the tank too?.... all the engineering skill and no taste.

I'd love to see one of these on the Isle of Mann :lol: :twisted:

Oops. Yes that is it. I edited and corrected the link in my post. Yes, I do agree, lots of skill but no taste and I'm of the less is more school of aesthetic. There is a lot of very nice choppers out there but most is completely over the top.
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