Indicator switch

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May 27, 2006
Any suggestions for a good replacement indicator switch for a '71 roadster? I've had a couple of the SPARX reproduction types, & not over impressed - one cracked body casting & one that only worked if you kept your thumb pressed on the toggle. Would prefer either something not made of mazac, or s***t metal as it is known.
switch alternatives

Ebay and the boneyards are full or perfectly good Japanese switches.
I installed a GSXR Suzuki switch, now I have all the functions on the left side: directionals, hi/lo, horn, kill (was 4-way flasher), and temporary hi beam flash button. You may have to chase down a wiring diagram for whatever donor bike but thats easy enough, the rest is cut/splice/ or plug in.
Colorado Norton Works has a very nice switch "Honda quality", I think mthat they fit it to their models, $83 US.
Good luck. James
Thaks for the suggestions - Looks like a trip to the honda spares box - I suppose I'd rather hoped that there would be a stock of Joe lucas' product out there & that it would be reliable, strong etc. However, I suspect he wasn't called the prince of darkness for nothing! :twisted:
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