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Jan 10, 2006
My Norton's clutch began to slip so I decided to dismantle it to get the plates cleaned or changed for new ones, but the last one who reassembled the clutch just tightened the nut and the adjuster so hard I can't take them off, making the first plate (the one with holes) slip...

What can I do? :?

Thanks to all of you!
I use an impact wrench on mine. If that doesn't work try some heat and an impact. That won't let get the pressure plate and clutch plates out though. If you have never seen it done I would read a book about it. It's not rocket science but if you don't somehow compress the diaphram spring somehow you can have some grief. You can buy the tool or you can use a 3 1/2" octaganal electrical box with the proper bolt to compress the spring.

my clutch tool is a piece of 2 1/2 inch steel pipe that is about 2" long you put that over the round part on the diaphram then u get a flat peice of steel with a hole put that on top of the pipe then put in the correct bolt and tighten it up wich will compress the diaphram and allow you to remove the circlip.
You could try hitting the normal spanner/wrench with a mallet or block of wood (or a hammer if you must!) that might be enough to shock it loose?
The PO could have used Loctite so some heat could help?

Then use the Commando clutch spring compressor: buy one or make one up but do not try to do it without one.
I got mine from Baxter Cycle in Marne Iowa for about $22.00 US although anyplace that sells Norton parts should have then. Mine has four u shaped legs that bear on the diaphram spring and has a bolt thru the center. When you remove the adjuster and jam nut the supplied bolt screws into the adjuster threads then you tighten the nut to compress the spring. There is a style of circlip that fits into a groove in the clutch basket. Once the diaphram is compressed you can remove the circlip and the diaphram and pressure plate will come right off. Then you can clean or replace the clutch plates.
OK, just in case anyone cares, I survived the clutch experience:

As LAB said, nut came off with a little heat, then I used the clutch tool taking your advices and the plates were just a little oiled.

Now it goes like a thunder!!

Thank you everyone! :D
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