Hamburger Fantasy

Mar 30, 2010
Hello from Hamburger Fantasy!

My name's Kyle and I am creating a website to showcase local and international bikes!
Ever wanted a site where you can get ideas for future mods... or somewhere to find like-minded gear heads? Well here it is!
Whether your bike is a street bike, a stunt bike, track bike or a full on race bike ... bing.gif... I would love to feature them on the website.

We will be posting two photos of each bike, but feel free to send more than two for us to choose from.
We would love one of the bike stationary (Paddock stand preferable).
And the second one can be an action shot, or you standing/sitting with the bike.

Please send a full spec list of all the mods that you've done.

And please fill out the following:

Bike Make/Year:
Inspiration Behind Build:
Heroes/Favorite Rider:

You guys are some of the first people I'm asking, so please send in your bike photos!!
Please send everything to
Check out all the bikes at hamburger-fantasies
(Actual website coming soon)
And if your bike isn't posted instantly, doesn't mean it won't be!

P.S- Please don't ban me for trying to make another outlet for motorcycle information.