gear box stuck - commando's revenge?

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Nov 5, 2006
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Hi all
any anyone in communication with the norton gearbox gods ? After neglecting my 73 commando to attend grad school and deciding she finally needed /deserved a face lift i did some upgrades - i just replaced my primary chain w/ a belt and put on some rearsets and now i can't get the tranny to shift out beyond second - first thought the rearsets were not aligned properly but after putting stock shifter back on found the same problem- goes up nicely to first, down on second then next gear down is more thunk like rather than a nice click into third?? any thoughts as to where i should start chasing the problem at -
Is the bike running when you try to shift? Do you free off your clutch before starting the bike? Have you got it hot enough to dump the oil in the gear box and change it to Belray Gear Saver 90WT? If you can only get into second use that for a trip around the block just wind it up and gas back on, repeat till it's hot. Dump oil and renew. If you detect any movement of the kick starer while going around the block you could have had your lay shaft bearing fail while the bike was down. This will cause shifting problems. If you never removed the trans cover your timing of the gear selector and the tuning of the hair pin spring should not have been disturbed. Those are the other things that effect shifting. Both the main chain and the new belt must be adjusted just right. Is your belt shifting from side to side when the bike is revved? Did you install the dual transmission adjusters and get the trans aligned perfect to the crank? Lots of info in the old posts on this.
thanks you all! found that if i get her on the center stand and rock the rear wheel she will slip into all gears so going to ride her around the block and see if its ok at speed - bummer though at the tanks in the shop so will have to wait for the painter to get off his a..
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