Front wheel bearing removal

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Dec 31, 2005
I'm new to this board so I appologize if this has been discussed, but I did a search and couldn't find an answer so here goes...

I am restoring a 71 Norton Commando.

I just un-laced the rims so I can send the front hub off to be re-chromed.

So how do you remove the front wheel bearings on the left hand side?

There are four holes that look like it is made for a spanner wrench but I could not get it to budge.

I know the rear has a LH thread so I made sure to try both ways, I don't want to press out the "retaining ring" and reuin the hub assembly.

SO what is the correct way to remove the "Retaining Ring"?

Thanks in advance,
Hello Spidey,

The front wheel bearing retaining ring has a normal right hand thread (and the factory manual says this).
The factory manual also recommends heating the hub with"a gentle flame" if the ring is "an extremely tight fit".
It also recommends heating the hub with hot water before removing the bearings.
I heated the oppisite side and the bearing fell right out. I was a little hesitant putting a flame to the retaing ring side cause i belive there is a felt washer in there?

But I will definatly give the flame on that side a try.


You mention you are restoring a '71 Commando. You do realize the front hub is aluminum and was not originally chromed?
May have not been originally but it is/was.
I have noticed a lot of things on this bike that are chrome that pictures fom the 70's seem to state otherwise.

I thinkg the guy (who I am restoring it for) the origional owner had all this stuff chromed or it is possible it is a 72...

BTW does anyone know how to remove chrome off aluminium easy?
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