Front tire, best size?

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Oct 19, 2005
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90 vs 100 vs 110 front tyre to max out on?

Pondering front tyre for Ms Peel special.
Trixie Combat only gets factory size for light handling delights,
but she's not intended nor capable to press on like Peel, on or off road.

General ponder is mass vs traction compromise.
Specific concern and job of front tire on Peel is panic braking
on tarmac, not hard cornering. Just don't want front to
interfere with rear over powering it on turns - or Else.

Does bigger tire help braking effect or does the extra
spun mass nullify the slightly bigger foot print.

My understanding is size is mainly for heat loads from power
or brakes
Front don't get as hot as rear can -
- so does front benefit performance by extra mass or patch print?

Peel had 110 in past zings, but did notice its added
mass getting up out of ditches or onto trucks.

What do racers run, width wise?

Does anyone beside me run Commandos out of front
or rear traction on various surfaces?
[not me no way no more w/o rods, nor should any of you]
If So what is your impression of front size on grip to brake or
more important any traction conflicts
with rear into hinged effect in soft mounted Commando
or a solid mount?

SV650 upgraded suspension, still a corner cripple on fat race tires. ... 1179WIJFAy ... 1179hIrXPO ... PNP_fs.jpg
Thanks Flo as minimal as your report it strikes a cord with me.
Peel will need to test into V rated tire zone and front lasts
a long time so will order up a 100 in some brand as good
compromise. Guessing about 1 lb lighter what is counts most.

I did not like 120 on Combat rear but for wear, made more
effort to aim and throttle twist to speed up a bit.

hobot - handle never capitalized like a proper name is.
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