Fork shrouds- revised

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Jul 18, 2004
Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone can supply me with the dimensions for part #03.0531, photo #G39 on page 18 of '69 -'70 parts manual, the bottom cover tube

All I really need is the outside diameter and the height.

Fork shrouds- revised

This is the bit that holds the top of the gaiter, and I assume is holding up the bottom of the "top cover tube" aka "headlight bracket" as well.
Not having all the bits I am guessing that this is the business end of things to keep the headlight bracket tight and solid.

I figure I can make them for less than the $50 (plus a small fortune in shipping) that Norvil wants - Andover does not supply them.

Many thanks in advance,

Phil, This piece is a little bit more demanding to make than I think you believe. Upon close scrutiny, it appears to be made of three seperate pieces. I was going to reverse engineer this thing for you, but I was'nt sure that I could do it properly and I don't want to confuse you. The stuff is contagious! You're right that this part aligns and seats the headlamp bracket, but it only provides cover for the gaiter which is bandclamped to the fork tube. The part is made from, I think, 18 ga. steel for the outer cover which is just a cylinder 63mm outside dia. and 31.5mm tall, then an inner piece (a cyl. app. 20mm in hieght) which is stepped to create an interference fit flange to the inside of the outer cover. This would be the lower half of this inner cylinder. The upper half is several mm smaller dia., I can't get this measurement accurately. This inner cyl. then has a top applied of a considerably heavier gage steel (3mm?). I can' tell exactly how these parts are joined, but it appears the top piece overlaps the outer dia. of the inner piece at the top. The pieces are joined together so that the top piece which has a centered 35mm hole bored in it and the three fixing screw holes at 120 deg. is flush with the top of the outer cover. The inner cylindrical piece is spot welded (?) in place at it's lower flange. The top piece must be joined by a weld but is'nt visible. What you have is a piece that locates itself with three screws to the bottom fork clamp, has a channel 2 mm wide around the top circumference created by the different diam. of the top plate and outer cover which receives the upper fork cover to a depth of 10mm and holds it in place and a cover for the band clamp that attaches the gaiter to the fork tube. See, I told you I would confuse you! I did it anyway! My advice is to either find one to use as a pattern if you think you want to go for it, or cough up the money for new or used pieces. I'd do the latter. I hope this helps. Rob
Follow-up to earlier post:
Phil, I took a look at the piece from the other side and could see the detail I could'nt in the piece I described. The whole center piece is one stamping with a thick piece of reinforcement welded to the underside of the top rather than the top being applied as I thought.-Rob
Thanks Rob,

I think you have given me enough to work with and I appreciate your efforts! maybe I will make a drawing and post it for comments- you guys can tell me if I have it right before I get the metal going.

I know I could buy the piece - but where is the fun in that :wink:

Thanks again,

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