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May 2, 2005
I know I know...this probably isn't the forum to proclaim cheap fixes and half-assed workmanship, but I was raised to feel pain whenever reaching for the check book. Anyway, I've found that an oil filter for a Harley Evo Sportster is a PERFECT fit for my 850 roadster. They are much cheaper and more readily available than filters from Norton parts suppliers. Just figured I'd share.
Interesting, a Harley part less costly than a Norton part. That's a first.
My limited understanding of filters is they are more complicated than expected. With Microns of filtering, pressure relieve by pass and so on.
Does anyone have any knowledge if this filter is good, bad or indifferent?
Old Britts sells a Norton oil filter for $10.81 then throw in shipping. A Harley oil filter sells for around $8 with no shipping. Though I've seen some boutique Hog dealers get $15 for a filter, my backwoods dealer is quite resonable.
There is an easier solution to your problem. You can make an adaptor using a piece of threaded rod. I believe the rod O.D is 3/4" . Chuck rod in a lathe and drill & tap for M16 thread. Part off at 1 inch . Remove old oil filter and spin on adaptor using loctite. Now !!! head to the store and get yourself a standard Fram filter for around $ 3 - 4 dollars.

Use the other $6 to buy yourself a beer. It's a win / win situation

P.S Make a couple because your Norton buddies will want one
Where do you find NORTON oil filters?

I’ve only been able to find two aftermarket oil filters for my ’75 Commando: a French made filter painted dark blue and an EMGO filter painted semi-gloss black. The French filter is about $8.00, whereas the EMGO is $4.95. Notably, the EMGO filter also fits numerous big twin Harleys and Sportsters. The EMGO part number is: 10-07700.

oil filter

One of the club members gave me a 10mm helicoil which I was given to fit over the threads on the oil filter housing. After that a Fram PH3387 filter fits. Same filter that my 2000 Pontiac Bonneville uses. They cost $4.
A few filters that I have used that require no thread changes, although admittedly, using a standard Fram filter would have it's attraction...

Knecht OC 5(widely available in europe/germany)
Knecht AW 13
Purolator FC 103
Wipac CA 111
Mann 712/11(widely available in europe/germany)
TJ FB 2094
Vil 06-3371

Most of these filters were sold for, amongst others, Talbot, Citreoen, Simca, NSU and Peugeot and I suppose other autos.... :lol:
I have just done an oil and filter change. I took off a Purolator L17601 and put on a Crossland. I will need to get under the bike and check the number.

I went looking for alternatives (Dynodave has a long list) but in Australia the brands don't seem to be available.

Dave has some interesting observations about what is required... I am keen for someone to explain the 'low' and 'high' bypass rating.

There is a Ryco Z93 that matches up but no luck getting it.
I picked up a oil filter from "Old Britts"--a supplier out of Washington. There are a couple of places I've found online to get parts specifically for Nortons. Out here in Hawaii we don't always have the best options getting bike parts. Knowing stuff like how to fit Fram filters is a big help. I'm assuming in Cali it'll be a little easier getting parts\finding people to ride with. Come to think of it, I haven't seen another Norton on this entire island....
How about you Ducati of the filter packages says it fits a this true? We have lots of Ducatis around here, with their loud clutches and exhausts....maybe this route would help one of the readers.
Hey maybe I can put a Norton filter on my Ducati and save some money! My dealer charges $15 for Ducati filters...

Wow – 15 dollars for a motorcycle oil filter!

It’s hard to believe that there is more technology or materials in a Ducati filter compared to, say, a “garden variety” Fram filter. This is one of the reasons I don’t own a V7 Moto Guzzi.

I've heard bad things about Fram filters. Google it and judge for yourself, but I won't use them...


Thanks for the heads up on the Fram filters. There seem to be several web sites denouncing the Fram filter. One of the more comprehensive sites I found is titled “Engine Oil Filter Study.”

It’s a pity that Fram now appears to be one of the worst oil filters; they used to be one of the best.

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