Fiberglass Sidecover Needed

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Dec 15, 2006
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Had a great time at Mid-Ohio this year. Took my '75 Interstate & my pal brought his '72 Combat Roadster. Along the way his left hand side cover (battery cover) went AWOL without either of us noticing until over 100 miles down the road. He really likes having all the fiberglass parts on his bike. I thought I would ask the list if anyone might have a spare fiberglass Roadster battery cover they would be interested in selling.

Any help appreciated - thanks!

Joe in St Louis
LH roadster side cover

I'm pretty sure I have a spare one of these I can sell, but you will have to fabricate the attachment bracket or buy the one offered by Old Britts. Send me a PM.

I've got 2 new blue fibreglass one - suit a Mk2A Interstate - complete with Silver 850 Commando decals, rubbers, Dzeus etc if anyones interested. Never been on a bike. Now not available in the Uk anyway. PM me if your interested.
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