Faster to break a new part?

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Oct 19, 2005
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I think its a tie between RH bar lever on my SV650 or RH front signal on Peel.
Gravel trashed them so replaced in my shed and squaring too low or standing too far to LH, stood bikes off side stand - while wondering out loud - "how long will these last"- bikes leaned beyond my mass to resist them taking off what i'd just put on : (
I'm told I'm rather competent in my professional capacity but I've 2 Commando's that humble me no end.

I've a number of times I've recovered SV or Combat from some failure or crash,
[not all my fault] then on first ride out feeling my oats hit pot holes or have to pull up short on very steep slope that lifts rear but falls back no where to put a foot down to prevent new cracks dents and scrapes to us.

Not open for further replies.