Fastening the fork anchor bolts is tuff!!

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Jul 25, 2009
As a new poster I'm in need of some experience for a fork rebuild. Having removed the anchor bolt from the bottom of the fork slider (this is the bolt that holds the dampener rod/assembly to the fork slider) I am at a loss during the re-assembly as to how to keep the dampener rod from turning with the anchor bolt when what I want it to do is to tighten. I can't figure out what to hold on to in order to put some torque on the anchor bolt. My first idea was to use some blue Loctite and not worry about torqueing it. Thanks in advance.
Best thing is just to put the main spring in. That will be enough to stop it turning until the screw itself begins to bite.
Thanks 79X100. That worked well. I slide the new tube over the spring and dampener assembly after I secured the fork anchor bolt. Holding the spring did give the bolt just enough bite to secure.
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