F1 JPS Value

Aug 24, 2009
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Hi. I will need to re insure my F1 as its going to be registered and was wondering what the current market value is on these bikes.
I'm not asking what mine is worth but more what should I place as market value on the bike. Its like everyone elses..... low klms and well cared for.

Thanks Hillbone
Jul 7, 2016
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Hello I had the same question, well a friend of mine just sold F1 sport unregistered for an eye watering £42000.
With an F1 advertised for £29000 I have an agreed value for insurance purposes at £30000. When and if I decide to sell my F1, it is who wants to pay that sort of money there are people out there who will pay. Remember they are iconic bikes with a huge following people love them.

Dodgy Den
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