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you might chat with Ron,

Ron’s Cycle, was known throughout New England for building outstanding Nortons. Ron is now semi- retired in Prescott Valley, AZ. As well as offering our products he can supply a wide range of services from fiberglass repair, machine work and engine modifications to complete rebuilds. You can contact him at 928-772-8140 or www.nortoncommando.com

I love his work!

and OBTW A BIG - HUGE - COLOSSAL Thank you for this site!
I sent my 1972 gearbox cover to Fair Spares for machining and modern seals to replace o-rings for kickstarter & gearshift. Fast service, I think he did the work & shipped the part the same day he received it. English dude,call him with any questions.
exhaust thread repair

I had my head done by fair-spares and am extremely happy with the results. I made the decision to use them quite awhile ago after posting an exhaust thread repair question on this forum. The consensus was to avoid any repair that involved welding the head which could potentially cause warping. No welding with the fair-spares repair and it looks very professional. Only one side had stripped threads, but I decided to get them both done. Boxing up the head for mailing was interesting, though.
Yes, a wooden crate is best. And if possible have it delivered to a business address. A friend got his newly reworked head back via UPS packed in a cardboard box. They left it outside the garage and his teenage daughter backed the car over it, dragging it several feet under the car. The head now has several broken fins and deep gouges.
Ex port threads

Hi Jerry,

Fair Spares America did the head on my '74 JPN. Good results. I've known Phil for more than 20 years as a fellow member of the local Norton Owners Club. He was a machinist before starting his Norton parts and service business.
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