"Essential Superbike" reference books

Oct 7, 2005
Some years ago, a British publishing house started a magazine series that, when dismantled and reassembled into ring binders, resulted in a six-volume set of reference books on high-performance motorcycles, with the above title. My sister subscribed for me and got almost all of them. I think the publisher dropped the line before it was complete because people were beginning to balk at the overall cost.

They're just taking up shelf space, and I haven't opened any of them for at least 5 years. If anyone would like to have them, just for paying the cost of shipping, drop me a PM.
Got your PM, Paul. I'll box them up and send them sometime this week, all being well.
That's very kind, Frank.

PM for postage costs when appropriate.


We're a bit busy right now intergating a newly acquired Class A motorhome into the family fleet. It's an '02 and needs a bit of tidying up. We're planning a 3-day trip into Eastern Washington next weekend, so it might be a couple of weeks before I get those books on the way.

Motorhomes need more "fettling" than Commandos, I think! Most of our issues are to do with the "house" systems.
Absolutely no rush; in your sweet time is fine.

Just got back from a one-day one-way drive of 450 miles in my brother-in-law's motor home (B+ class) Very nice. Slept in it last night and I drove back today in his TrailBlazer (purpose of the trip was to fetch it). Great A/C unit in that RV.

Sally & I have a 21' bumper-tow type RV, so I pull it with the pickup truck and stick a couple of bikes in the bed of the truck.