Dunstall rearset replacement rubbers?

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Hortons Norton

Oct 12, 2007
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Just wondering if anyone knows of someone in the states that sells a new set of rubbers? I guess I could use standard ones but the ones that came on it look nice and have the Dunstall name on them. Thanks in advance, Chuck.
The new owner of should have the site running soon,where this type of information should be available as the site gets going. Maybe those who know Dunstalls best are not a member of this forum. I too am looking for a few "Dunstall" tidbits and info. My hopes are that between this forum and the new I can keep my fathers' machine running for as long as I'm around.
The old site showed where their were people who made things like peg rubbers and stickers and such,maybe these people can be relocated so us Dunstall owners can once again get these things.
Thank you Nortasaki, I would like to keep the look of the old peg rubbers, When I bought this bike it had the Dunstall tank and seat that were in so so shape so I traded them for another tank the guy had. Maybe I should have kept them and just repaired the seat and tank. They do look sharp when clean. Thanks again, Chuck.
Dunstall rearset replacement rubbers?

Like these?
British Cycle
Thanks Dave, They look just like the ones that are all dried up and cracked! I was hoping to find the same kind and these look exactly the same. Thanks again, Chuck.
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