Duh! South Florida Circus

Dec 5, 2003
Country flag
Had to share some of the So Fla wackiness with the faithful; (I do believe that only So Cal can out wacky So Fla. Is it the heat or the water?)

First one; Thank God it wasn't a Norton, I particularly like the fact that it has "matching numbers" http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/mcy/1752247861.html

Next; I can only imagine poor Steve is turning over in his grave on this one http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/mcy/1758333090.html

OK Lads here's some real investment possibilities now that your 401k has tanked and the Euro is in a tailspin.

"Poverty has its advantages" Scooter 2007
I don't think either one are particularly wacky or out of line on the prices.

Nor is the $70k for the Laverda/Norton.

I can say that with all honesty considering I can afford none of them. :mrgreen:
man, I'm sorry, but that 'mcqueen' bike is terrible. Who knows though...if he were still alive he might've liked it. He liked some out of the ordinary bikes, from what I've seen, of some of the bikes he owned.
The fact that it has Steve and Barbara McQueen's "signanuter" on it has to be worth $20k right there.