Dual output coil with points? No spark on 1. HELP

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Sep 8, 2005
:?: Is this doable? If so, what coil and how do you wire it in? Still use both sets of points? My 73 850 has fire on left side only. With test lite I have juice on left side points, but none on right side points UNLESS I disconnect wire from right side points. Have checked wiring to coil, ok. Have switched coils, nothing. Have switched wiring on coils, then no spark on left side. What am I missing?? Have tried to start on 1 cyl. NOTHING, NADA, ZIP. Thanks in advance
I could say put in an electronic ignition (Boyer or nearly extinct RITA) :twisted: !!! But that would start the points/electronic thread all over again. Check your condensors. If they are Oriental, one is probably shorting out against the points plate. As I have said before, I have had no problems with Oriental points, but often found this problem with the condensors.

Have replaced the condensers already. Did not change anything. How could they short out to points plate, they are mounted under fuel tank between coils? Bob
You're right, I mis-spoke. It's been a few years since I had to mess with points and condensors! They are isolated at the mounting point by a fiber washer. The Oriental condensor often allow body to touch the frame/mount despite the isolating washer.

If you are certain the condensors are not shorting, then it could be a broken wire or short somewhere from the points to the coils.
Could one of the nylon insulators under the point springs be broken/missing?

Disconnect your point wires from the coils. Hook up an Ohm meter between the wires and engine ground.
Then slowly turn the motor over, a reading of continuity as points close, no continuity as points open is what you are looking for. Anything different you have points problem its that simple.

justa thought,
If you are using one dual output coil and using the stock points you have to wire the points in series with the coil. Each point will only open(fire the coil) every other crank revolution. so running the points in series will give a fire each revolution(like a Boyer/Rita). If you connected the points in parallel one will short the other out. I hope this helps you.

Bill Edwards :) :)
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