Doug McCadam

I met him while walking around the campground at one of the INOA rallies. One of the nicest guys I've ever met and he sure didn't mind talking!

I ran into Doug at several Norton rallies over the years. Last time I saw him was at the rally in Elma. He'd set up a little work station where he was porting 2 into 1 manifolds for Mikuni carbs. He said some manufacturers used a thicker wall thickness, which gave him more material to make them breathe with the right amount of porting. I think he also recommended starting with a port size larger than the carb. Said done right, he could get pretty close to twin Amal performance. He held the manifold up to the light, and said the more light you see around the corners, the better it will breathe. He knew a lot, and was generous with his time and information.
Doug McCadam built my 73 Commando in 2013. It used to be CNW 002 build, now DN08. Doug always stopped by when he was in town to see how I was doing, but I think he missed his old Norton. He was always willing to help whatever he could do. He was a friend and will be greatly missed.
Bought a few bits off him way back when he and Matt first went their separate ways, and had a beer and a laugh with him at the Buffalo Wyoming rally. Top bloke.