Cylinder head

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Jan 10, 2006

The bike has started leaking oil from what seemed to me the right hand side head bolt. After a long ride yesterday at an average speed of 65 more or less the right silencer smoked like hell, so my thought is that the valve guide has a crack...? :?

I have another head (old) back at home, but I'm going on a trip in two days with the Norton (I must go!) and just don't have the time to dismantle the spare head and check the guides and seats... Any advices I could take before doing something very wrong?

Thanks in advance!
Bring a few quarts of oil with you on your trip. Also bring a spray, rinse and ride cleaner with you. Find garden hoes along your route to cool the engine so you can use the product without harming your engine cases. Sort it out later.
Bring a couple of sparkplugs incase your oil burning causes a fouling. Keep in mind that the oil will coke up the combustion chamber and may provoke pre-ignition (detonation); this condition can kill your engine. Do run the highest octane rated fuel you can buy.

"I must go"

I understand...

Maybe a head gasket problem? Did you try re-torquing after heating it up?
RennieK said:
Maybe a head gasket problem? Did you try re-torquing after heating it up?

I've retorqued but everything was fine there...

Oil comes out like there's no tomorrow and smokes lots through the right pipe.

Maybe I'll have the chance to swap the broken head for the spare head I keep at home in a couple hours tomorrow, before leaving, and then retorque every 50 miles, but God knows how the other head could be
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