corbin seat for the Norton

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Dec 17, 2003
8) I have noticed that some of you are fitting the Corbin seat on the commando it looks terrific and really changs the appearance but in a positive way, question has anyone ordered the leather option? are there any drawbacks to having leather over vinyl. when it gets wet will it stain clothing or is it too slippery when dry any comments.


Corbin leather seats


I would think the leather would soak up water like a spong unless it's treated. As far as it being slippery when dry, the gunfighter design is such that you really fall into the "pocket" and cannot move around. The lack of movement on this style is one of the negetive comments I've seen. I had one on my K75S and loved it. Still considering one for my '72 Commando roadster. My reservation is I like the look of the original better.

A side note; in 1983 Mike Corbin came to one of our Northern California Norton Owners Club meetings selling his closed foam seats - even donated one for a club raffle prize. He was an unknown then...look how far he's gotten! Tom Dabel won and had a custom seat made for his Atlas.

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I treat my leather Corbin about once every 6 months. Although it does'nt rain that much here, I got caught in a serious downpour a few weeks ago and had to ride for 2 or 3 hours in it. The seat held up very well and didnt absorb water.

I treat it more for sun protection!
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