Commando pinion removal.

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Apr 15, 2005
Hi All, I am proceeding with the engine stripdown on my new project 750 Commando. The pistons are still seized fast in the cylinders but I am dismantling around this. I now have a Haynes manual which says that I need a special tool to remove the crankshaft pinion on the timing side. Does anyone have a picture of this tool so I can make one?

When I removed the oil pump I noticed a small piece of metal lodged in the inlet hole. When I took it out I identified it as a piece of piston ring! That would explain the siezed engine.
Thanks in advance for any help.
You can try carefully tapping the end of the crankshaft with a solid block of wood. I have managed to remove a few this way without hurtung anything or buying the tool.

If the timing pinion is "seized" like your pistons are, I guess you may need the tool though. But if it has had oil in the pinion area, you may be able to give it a tap with a block of wood to free it.
Been there, done that.

Best advice: Don't forget to use some heat. Fire is your friend here.
There's a drawing of the tool on the Old Britts site. Go to "Our Products" then "Accessories" then "Tools" then "Timing Pinion Extractor".

They are relatively abundant and if you are working on many Norton twins it's a good investment. It makes pulling the pinion a snap.
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