Commando Paint Colours

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Oct 17, 2007
Howdy from down under,

My yellow roadster is going to morph itself into a blue Interstate with silver pinstripping for long road trips.

Can any one tell me were to look or advise me to get the light blue paint colour?

Reggie said:
I assume it is the metalflake blue, shown here, as you described it as light blue;

If you're going for the Fireflake Royal Blue that Norton used then the House of Kolors is very close. That's what the bike in the link above is painted with, apparently. But, beware what base it is sprayed over. I wanted to reproduce the Royal Blue that my bike was originally, and the House of Kolors chip looked an exact match to the original colour in the sunlight. However, my painter used a dark base, so my tank and side covers came out considerably darker than I expected.

Luckily, I like the result, but it's not an authentic colour anymore - call it 'custom'.

Like you, I tried to get paint codes etc at the time I had my stuff done but got nowhere. Matching chips was all I could come up with at that time. I'm not sure if House of Kolors is available in NZ though.
My '72 Interstate is blue with silver lining. I'm told the colour is called french blue (can't see it myself, I mean FRENCH owt on anEGLISH bike??) :D
Thanks for your replies.

The metal flake blue is too light and the dark blue seems almost black.

I like the colour of Alpha's bike and have asked for a bigger picture using PM.

I have not seen any blue Commando's in New Zealand and am just painting blind at the moment.

Commando Paint Colours

Hi Baldrick I tried to reply to your IM but it bounced heres a bigger pick of my baby
Cheers A
Howdy all,
I am closer to morphing my Roadster into an Interstate.

I brought a freshly painted black steel Interstate tank off ebay and it has just arrived in perfect condition.

I have managed to buy a new Interstate seat with silver logo and left and right handed steel side covers and am ready to send it to Pat for a paint job.

I have seen a 1974 sales brochure for 850 Commando and it has the colour I am chasing.

The brochure refers to the paint colour as Pacific Blue.

Does anyone know this colour and were I can get it?

My bike is Signal Orange. I decided the brochure picture was close to the same orange as the Colorado Norton Works orange bikes and got the paint code from Matt at CNW. (Thanks Matt!) Check their website.

From Matt: Both the Custom #024 and #033 was painted with the same color.

Du-Pont Chroma base (base coat/clear coat) # 31K
Its a 1980 GM (original GM code # 88 WAEM).

Here is my bike:

Commando Paint Colours

Commando Paint Colours

At the Tioga PA rally, Dan from near York PA had an original gelcoat orange tank and it was a perfect match to my bike. Also rode with another orange Norton which was an exact match also.


Thanks for the info on the Signal Orange paint. I have been trying to track this down for about three months now. I finally located a can of NOS touch-up paint to try to match, but having the code should make things much easier.

If you want an identical match you will need to find (borrow) a panel (preferrably one with an area that has been protected from sunlight) and take it to your favorite auto paint jobber. The larger ones should have a "color computer" that can read the color intensity and provide them with a tint formula for mixing. I did this with the colors for my '59 Bonneville because I wanted as close as possible.

If you want that color because you like it, most paint jobbers should have color chips of factory colors that you can choose. The closest match may be a couple shades darker or lighter, but they should be close.
72 Combat paint on tank and side covers

My 72 Combat is ready for a repaint. I’m getting my Roadster tank cleaned at a rad shop (inside to de-scale some rust) and then it gets coated inside with a sealer. This is all before it gets painted Black/ Clear coat with gold Norton on the sides. I want to know if the 750’s of that era had the pin striping like the 850’s? I am not sure if the originals just had the paint and the Norton Decal?
CanukNortonNut wrote;
I want to know if the 750’s of that era had the pin striping like the 850’s? I am not sure if the originals just had the paint and the Norton Decal?

I am not sure if they had the pinstiping or not, as the brochures in French shows one without pinstripes and one with, and the brochures in English show them with pin stripes.

The 750's to my knowledge didn't have the twin pinstripe going into one near the rear of the tank, (unless it was the very late versions). ... n/1971.htm ... .html~main ... 750_71.jpg
Les is correct, the 750 Roadsters did not use the pinstripes. However, the black scheme had the gold "reverse D" as shown in the "Rideability" ad he included. No other color used this "reverse D", the tank having the "Norton" logo onlyl
As a matter of interest, does anyone know if the first 850, the Mark 1, had silver or black barrels?
For the 1973 model year the cylinders were silver. They were changed to black for the 1974 and 1975 model years.
The orange in the photos looks a bit light. This is mine, which, even though it has been resprayed a long time ago, I'm assured is the original colour.

Commando Paint Colours
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