Commando Lockheed Brake Calliper

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Jun 3, 2005
My Commando brake calliper works fine, the only problem is I can't remove the bleed nipple. I haven't tried any force for fear of braking it, can anyone give me some advice on how to remove it or can it be drilled out and re-tapped if broken? Also, what is the best way of polishing the calliper and can anything be applied to stop it corroding?


Norton Lockheed caliper

Hi Neil,

Use a 1/4" closed end wrench (ring spanner). If needed tap it lightly with a small hammer in a counter clockwise direction (when looking down at the nipple). If this doesn't work - penetrating oil or heat might.

Polishing alloy can be done using a 7" rag wheel and abrasive compounds such as tripoli then rouge. If heavily corroded you may need to use sand paper first. After this use a little Autosol to polish up the alloy to keep up the luster.

The end plug that keeps the piston in place will likely be dull by now. I had mine chrome plated with all the other bits during the restoration 8 years ago.

Try a six-point socket on that stubborn bleeder screw. I feel that a socket provides a bit more bearing area than a ring spanner. And six-points provides a whale of a lot more bearing area than 12-points, be it a spanner or a socket.


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