Colin Lyster dunstall

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Jan 21, 2008
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Hi all
I have just listed on e bay one of my projects (well it was going to be two BUT!)
Does anyone recognise the master cylinder?
I ask as the brakes are the very early Lister/Kennedy ones complete with yellow plastic pipes but it has a master cylinder on the handlebar not the car one clamped to the headstock!
Sorry for not putting up photos but my computer has gone bang & this one is older than my Commando!
all the best Chris
e bay no 330225448404

Hi all
This is a scan that Colin Lyster sent me when I was researching my Jim Lee Frame. Little did I know that I would end up buying one of his frames 10 years later. This frame was made in 1968/69 to house a TD2 TD3 Yamaha engine. I have a new unused frame complete with oval swinging arm. The chain adjustment is by square plates at the swinging arm pivot point. I have a set of Ceriani forks shaved to suit the twin disc wheel. The discs sit on small dowels. The brakes are the ones shown in Paul Dunstalls catalogue also shown as Kennedy/Lyster. As I said I do not know where the master cylinder is from. I believe it to be from Paul Dunstall but I have not seen it in his catalogue. The original bike had a car master cylinder mounted on the headstock & operated by a linkage. Later on Paul used Honda 750 master cylinders. The yellow hoses are scary! I did intend to build a Pickerell replica until I saw that his bike used Norton forks. Thought about an Atlas or Dommie with all the Dunstall parts but did'nt like my 500 Dresda Dommie & never got round to checking if the engine fitted the frame. Somehow I doubt it. Anyway the Lyster Honda was next but that engine is to tall for the frame.
Any clue to the master cylinder, I would be intrested to know as my friend who is a Paul Dunstall fan & traded in the parts Paul sold (& dealt with some off the people who made them for Paul) has never seen one only heared that there were some sold.
Thanks all the best Chris
Colin Lyster dunstall

Colin Lyster dunstall
I have a whole bunch of this stuff for sale

Lyster,Dunstall front end .Expensive
I had the same setup on an Atlas at one time - Roadholder sliders turned down to accept the clamp for the caliper mount. It used a Commando master cylinder.

Thanks David

Hi David
Thanks for your reply.
My friend has a photo of this front end bolted to Commando forks.
The parts are now sadly sold but the guy that brought them has some great bikes & it gave me the funds to race the Caffrey last year.
I will post a photo of another special & see what responce it gets.
all the best Chris
If I should start another thread , let me know

Ebay Item number: 270359149418
Colin Lyster dunstall

Hi Jim
I hope that front end sold well it looked immaculate!
Have to say the rolling chassis parts on an early commando look great. Never was convinced with the breadbin tank though.
Did you keep something for your self?
all the best Chris
THe double disc front end goes to a 1968 Dunstall , that really was ordered without it. I thought it would a nice addition. But now ,after several years of messing with it , and the bike a real "in boxes" project , the hellwithit :oops:
I've decided to keep it. I have a bunch of spare parts of the brake system that I should sell, if anyone's interested get a hold of me.
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