CC = mL

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Jul 18, 2005
Can anyone tell me how many mL 200CC is? Trying to get exactly 200 cc in my primary case and don't have a cc beaker. Bikes not level so can't use the measuring hole. Thanks in advance.
Buy a plastic babybottle, should have all the marking on it and you can close it air/dirt tight with the cover, and keep it for all small oil measurements.
Next time you go past a hobby shop, which sells components for radio controlled aircraft see if you get what looks like a huge hypo needle. It doesn’t have a needle only a surgical hose attached at the business end.
It is used to dispense a volume of fuel into a model a/c to fill its fuel cell. I use one of these for doing all kinds of precise volume measurements like your front forks and in your primary case. This unit I have is made by Monoject and dispenses 140 cc or 5oz., which has a scale on its side. A word of warning with these units though, clean them out after each use with soapy water so the rubber seal does not swell with time. Hope that helps you out and anyone else for that matter.
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Go to your nearest tack or feed and seed store, and purchase a plastic jumbo hypodermic that is used for horses or cattle. I have one that holds 120 cc's and two that are 60 cc's. On mine I use a plastic line, the size of a breather tube on a battery, for fillig forks to 140 in the swing arm. Previous poster is correct, be sure to clean the rubber seal after every use.
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