camshaft washer

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Nov 4, 2007
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hi there, I am not used to 750 post 200.000 cases and so I am wondering , if I must put the second thrust washer (the one behind the sprocket), I had re-seen the previous post with the pro and con about cutting or not the tabs....those cases are std with non flanged bushes , so I had fitted inside the champhered, then an additional bronze and at least the std cut-tab thrust bronze, why two ,because there were to much end play, and like this only 10 thou. Now it's time to fit the timing gears and pinions, at first glance when I screw up the camshaft nut , the cam become stiff to turn (I do not put the second bronze , between bush and sprocket, but with my other (third )washer inside the shoulder of the camshaft did not protude outside the external bush.........any ideas?????
Hi Lab,
thank you for your assistance, after reading all the technical , I have to admit that in the particular case of washers , more is not better , and thus I will strictly follow the manual and so open cases and get rid of that "extra" washer and just remaining on std procedures ,id est champhered plus bronze (the tabs are allready cut, so no way to put them back even if Panic do not agree on this particular point, if I could remenber a 2003 post.... :roll: .....), and then the bronze washer outboard between non -flanged bush and sprocket.....I think (after a good night ..)that the camshaft should have side play and thus protude outside , allowing the sprocket to rest on it , otherwise the sprocket will grind the alloy case, even with that washer........ :oops:
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