Caliper Disassembly - DynoDave Method

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Mar 7, 2005
I had 2 Norton-Lockheed calipers with 'frozen' inner pistons. One I got with the bike (in a box) and the second from Evil-Bay.

I decided it was time to see what could be used.

The caliper that came with the bike is highly poslished and looks fantastic. I was keen to reuse it if possible.
The Evil-Bay caliper was dirty and scratched but did provide parts if necessary.

I finally got around to trying Dynodave's Grease Gun method of removing the inner piston from both calipers.

I was amazed at how effective it was. As suggested, using a cheap grease gun from the local Auto Shop, I filled it with water and connected it to the caliper via a standard Norton Brake hose. After locking the outer piston in place with a metal bar just a few pumps and the inner piston popped out. As soon as it pops liquid runs everywhere.
There was no thought of actually using grease or brake fluid to push out the pistons.

I realised that the original caliper had the pistons inserted round the wrong way - the cupped side facing away from the pad. I wonder if the previous owner had actualy used it in this state. Although I got them out the inner and outer bores are heavily scored.
It will make a great paper weight.

The dirty and scratched caliper had the most amazing crap & gunk in it. The bore looks and feels perfect.

I am in the process of polishing one dirty & scratched caliper and ordering SS pistons.
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