Bump causes crash !

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Dec 24, 2003
Rather than "Hijack" Dr_Hillers' Thread, where I mentioned a bad accident a mate had last Sunday, I thought it best to show you why he lost it here.

We went back today for a look at the "crash site" & check out his bike.

There was a rather large "bump" in the middle of our lane :!:

Bump causes crash !

After he hit this bump, he then veered off the road to hit a concrete drain,
his bike landed 13 metres up the slight hill . Another 3-4 metres later I found him with bike on top of him.

He is a very lucky man to have got out of it without any major injury. The bandage around his leg is where the exhaust pipe was burning him before I lifted the bike off him.
you will...of course, ask the nice fellows at the road repair section to do something about that, or? The next poor SOB might be in a box.
Nice to hear...it took my daughter getting hit by a car to have them cut some trees down that blocked vision on a curve, here. If the auto driver had not had the trees in the way, she wouldn't have been hidden from his view, and he wouldn't have pulled out to pass the three cars in front of him...and hit her head on. They cut the trees pretty quickly, after that though...even though it had been requested many times before by people...sometimes it takes a "scared he's gonna get blamed" road maintainance chief..before something happens.
Sadly, that is then too late, for many of us.......let us know what comes of it!
bump causes crash

Hope your daughter is recovering nicely. Seems on the surface that the root cause was passing in a curve, not the trees, so why cut them down. I had to life-flight my son out of the mountains a few years ago after he had a head on with a truck on the wrong side of the road, the trees are not the problem.
I would out buying Lotto tickets if I were him..

How &*^*(^ lucky can one get !

When I first moved to Queensland I was aghast about road maintenence and 'verge' protection/s in particular.

The Gillies mountain, further North, in its entire 22 km from top to bottom has about a grand total of 500 metres of armco fencing on the (drop off) road sides.

A Great ride, but after growing up in NSW, which is our southern neighbour and incidently has the highest concentration of populus, thus more tax payers, it was abit of shock !

I guess, we up here in QLD, pay the penalty for having such a large state and far fewer tax payers to foot the Governments road works budget/s

Take low population.. long distances, high average temperatures and high usage of heavy weight haulage trucks ~ Thus the not so subtle road bump!?

A classic example some years back I read of a UK biker who rode most of Australia, and when he got home posted a mag report, condeming the Australian roads as a nightmare!

A prompt reply form an Australian reader took him to task, proclaiming rightly we have a HUGE country with vast distances ~ but to build roads we need tax payers..

Over all though, most of our roads are good turn outs ~ eh Ron?
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Daughter is pretty fine now, accident was a couple of years ago, she had the screws and plates taken out after 2 years, and the terrible limp she had went 90% away. Shes all over the place now, and handles two kids too.
As to the trees, correct, the passing in the corner was the MAIN fault (it was one of her classmates), but the fact was that the curve is immediately after a small town where you have one lane to get through the town. The trafficgets into a line and tailgates, through the town. These people here lose patience fast. Just after this annoying town, this is a stretch of 100 meters where you can pass before a shape curve. After that curve, there is another longer curve, where from 10 cars, 8 will pass because they are so peeved at the car in front of them for keeping them from driving at the 70 or so that they all drive at here on the back roads. These trees are in the last third of that second long curve and it was no question that a cycle hid very well behind them. The road could look clear for a quarter mile and look like it was ok to pass, but if there was a cycle behind the trees, you couldn't see it. This Bozo that hit my daughter, didn't see her, it looked like the road was free to pass. The fact of passing three cars didn't help, and the fact that the road was wet, caused him to go into a slide when he paniced upon seeing my daughter come from behind the trees...and slammed on his brakes. Inexperienced driver. These trees blocked just enough view to cause this accident. We all know the punk shouldn't have passed three cars, but they all do it and since you can't stop that from happening, at least you could make it more certain that these nuts can see what is coming in the other lane. They removed trees in another curve, on the same road too, at that time, and it is much safer, even for me, I can plain see better there. The same for removing a bump like we see in that picture above....We know the fellow might not have crashed, if he had been going slower, but we still think the bump should be removed. Material mistakes can often be corrected, human mistakes, not so often.
My simple logic on this says, that the trees are wonderful, but they will regrow. The daughter might not have.

Great that your daughter is doing well. I live in a mountainous place and we scratch just going to work, at least for the last 15 years. We are now the 3rd fastest growing county in our state, much to my distress, and now to top it off the State Patrol has built a huge district HDQ. Well at least I had it my way, but it is still hard to keep under the Ton. Guess I will change back to a 19 CS sprocket, after I rewire, and replumb. etc, etc.
Thanks for the wishes...never tried a 19 sprocket....to me, the 21 tooth version is a bit low, could happily use a bigger one...but that would require changing a bit of stuff and I most likely won't do it before I'm 60...best wishes!
I just replaced the 19 with a 20 on my 750. The 19 is fine for charging around town but is too low for highway work IMO. I like the 20 much better.

Yes it's a big job but I found a lot of problems inside the primary so it was a good thing I went in.

Sort of like opening up "Pandora's Box"...or? Always a surprise inside....like Cracker Jacks.
My next project is a solo seat.....my wife won't get on a bike anyway....so I'm alone 99% of the time anyway. Trying to get an old seat pan now...will shorten it and find someone to do the padding and cover for it...the ready made seats I found were just not what I wanted, so best to make my own....but will be an adventure, as all is with these bikes....till later!
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