Brake Lever Return Spring

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Feb 14, 2004
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I recently fitted one of Norvils rear brake lever return springs - the optional extra that goes on the foot brake lever so that if the cable breaks the lever does not turn into a vaulting pole. Nothing better than spending money solving a problem i have never had.
Anyway it seems that i need to now fit a lock nut to the cable adjuster nut as this keeps working loose every time i ride. Have even lost the ferrule that the brake cable fits into on one long ride.
Just wondering if others have found the same?
Me too. I had the nut unscrew itself on a long ride and it almost fell apart before I noticed it. The nylon in the nut had long ago lost effectiveness and I hadn't thought to replace the nut.

I dealt with it by running another nut up against it to act as a jam nut. That seemed easier than threading a new nyloc nut all the way down that rod.

I bought one of those springs also (got mine from Rocky Point Cycle) but could not get it to fit. So I cut a rubber band from an old bicycle tube and fitted that instead. The spring is now residing in my useless spare parts box.

If you look at Andover Norton's web site, a nyloc nut is called for in that application. Number change, so maybe the original nut was not. I had that spring on my bike before installing rearsets,never had a problem, but always had a nyloc on it.

Item: NUT (USE 067892)
Part Number: 060797

Item: NUT 5/16"UNF (NYLOC) 06.0797
Part Number: 067892
Price: £0.22

Older Japanese bikes with drum brakes used a one piece nut and collar with a spring so loosening was pretty much impossible--see the diagram. You might be able to add a spring and make a one piece nut/collar.

Brake Lever Return Spring
Well the things you find out when you look closely, yes it is a nylok nut but well worn and no longer locks. Would have sworn it was just an ordinary nut. :roll:
The one piece nut and collar would be a better idea.
And as for the box of useless bits, a close second comes the bits that you threw away only to find shortly afterwards that they would have been useful or even valuable.
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