Brake Calipers - AP Racing

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Mar 7, 2005
A standard Norton brake caliper update seems to be installing a AP Racing CP2696 caliper with an adapter plate. Other than being lighter and probably stiffer this appears to reduce the piston swept area and reduce the master cylinder to piston ratio. The piston sizes are 1 5/8 inches.

The BritishSpares catalog shows an AP Racing CP3697 2 piston caliper with piston sizes 1 3/4 inches. This caliper seems extremely rare (and expensive)... the AP Racing site does not list it.

Has anyone tried this caliper?

I am interested to improve braking but use readily available brakets and fittings. BritishSpares has a good looking alloy braket that I could live with.
Haven't used this caliper, but assume it is standard 3.5 ctc mount, as per the clunky iron caliper fitted to Triumphs. Grimeca makes a reasonable 40 mm alloy replica of the AE caliper and you can get four piston versions from Perfromance Machine. I suspect you could source some brackets from one of the high performance suppliers....Colorado Norton, Sunset Motors, etc, to adapt the late model Brembos from Ducatis to the Norton leg. The calipers show up on ebay regularly and for a fair price. I bought a set with discs and a rear caliper with brake pedal and master for about $350 USD including shipping.
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