Born from a Disaster ... A Commando rebuilt

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Wow - what a tragic loss. I have nightmares about my garage catching on fire. I wish Franck all the best in the recovery process.
I bet you could rebuild the Norton. I read somewhere about somebody doing just that after a fire, Colorado I think.
Debbie should know about the Colorado one, can't remember the owners name but they renamed the bike the Crispy Critter i believe.
There was one written about in a magazine that had a Phoenix sewn into the back of a Corbin seat. Great story and this one is also great to hear about, It must take a lot out of a guy to take on a project like this. But I would think the reward at the end is worth it. Great site you guys have too. Ride safe. :wink:
All the John Player Nortons were rebuilt after the Museum fire which destroyed hundreds of bikes, so it can be done, just depends on how big your budget is unfortunately!
I had an XK120 Jag that had been in a garage fire. It was probably as expensive to rebuild as buying one already done. A bike is a lot simpler though, and everything is available.
Hi Frank, sorry to see bikes like that but all is not lost, a resurrection can be undertaken. I was offered a MotoGuzzi MK1 Le Mans in 1990 for £70, I knew there was a catch!!!!, it had been burned out, but I, being ever the optimist, bought it! All I got was engine/gear box, 2 fork legs, frame swing arm, yokes,1 good wheel and various other toasted bits. I set to work and after 2 years got it into the condition in the following pictures.
Firsrt picture of engine when bought you can imagine the rest!, second under construction , third finished.
Sorry about the quality of pics.
So go for it you won't regret it! ... dguzzi.jpg ... gthere.jpg ... nished.jpg
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