BIGGER seat for a roadster

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Nov 21, 2005
Has Anyone ever seen or heard of a suitable seat that fits a roadster and will hold two grown adults.. This is an important marriage issue! :eek:) Maybe an interstate seat with altered backet location? Thank you for your help!
In Roy Ramsbottom's tale, there on the first page of this website, he mentions and has pictures of a King and Queen seat, sadly, for an Interstate. Take a look. I would think that there would be more involved in it , than just taking a seat from an Interstate and changing the mounting brackets. If you look at the bottom of your set, the seat "Pan", you will notice that it is molded to rest on the frame tubes, provide a firm fit and the ability to take the weight. Double question, you would need the seat to fit on the frame. If you want to keep the peace, you may be forced to buy a new seat pan, and have it lengthened by maybe welding the rear of an interstate pan onto it, so it fits on the frame and then getting it done by a seat man the way you want it to look. Wouldn't be cheap....but it might be worth it, if you get what I mean. The lady is surely worth the cost...:wink:
I have taken an old Interstate pan, and cut it short to do up a solo seat for my Interstate, and it is at the Sattler (seat guy) now. Just getting it covered will be over 150...but it's something most of us can't do ourselves.
Maybe you'll be lucky, and there is just what you want, being sold by some firm.... :wink:
Then could just change it to an stuff...not having to spend half your riding time at the gas station... :lol:
By the way you have not got it right My name is Roy Ramsbottom and I fitted the King and Queen seat it was not adapted it any way it was made to fit the bike.
I wish some people would check and not assume there are changes.
The seat was a very good seat and it allowed me to travel a lot of distance and it was much better that the original.
The original seat gave me a real pain in the back side over distance, there were improvements that I made to the Norton that made it a much better bike than when it came out of the factory.
I was in such shock on crossing THE Gravel on a bone stock Interstate it hurt my bottom [which I have none but for wallet and pocket knife], so first upgrade I spent on was the comfy cushy King/Queen double your mileage pleasure saddle.
Still have it but wife has seen what happens to me so will not ride on back so its another item to be rid of. Old Brits seats are cushy enough but not as sexy as thin Corbin and real cafe' racers on way to next pub before the record on radio runs out. Will not be allowed into rally judging area and carry a rag to wipe off the eggs thrown but to me it completes the quaint character of our Harley like wanta be's with their commonly seen women in all states of undress smiling on back.

BIGGER seat for a roadster
rx7171 said:

Look for a PM from me on a seat.

The Captain's post was 8 years ago so I reckon by now he's come up with a solution. :wink:
I have a seat that looks EXACTLY like hobot's pictured comfy king and queen Interstate seat ... only for a ROADSTER :D It is comfy, and easy on bottom for riding many miles one or two up on Commando. :) You sit a little higher off the ground but that is because of the extra padding. Let me know if interested ... I would sell for $100; plus what ever the shipping is. Cheers.
Yes it is a long time ago but I felt that the information originally given was from somebody who obviously did not know what he was talking about.
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