Bet you dont see many of these!

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Mar 8, 2004
Hiya, just stumbled across your forum. I see that most of you are from the U.S.A. so i figure you wont have seen many of the Nortons built between 1982 - 1992. The development of these bikes started way back in 1969 and even survived the death of NVT. If anyone is interested ive recently set up a brief history in photographs on my webpage, its at...(hope i get this right!)...
In case that didnt work...
Norton Rotary Motorcycles web page

You're right, not many Wankel Nortons in the US, but we have seen them. Check out this website
click on other pictures and see the Kenny Dreer Norton 952 and a black JPS at Laguna Seca (Monterey California) last July. I took the photos.
The new Norton girls!

Great stuff mate:: i live in toronto now but am from ,
Birminghm love these bikes... have a mate who hhas
a jap wankle----think its a Kaw .have not seen one here

Hi again, i recall reading an email in one of our club magazines from someone who shipped an F1 out to the USA, claiming it was the only one there so it may be the one in your photo at Laguna Seca. If i remember rightly he was saying that he wouldnt be able to use the bike on the road due to its total loss lubrication system and your strict emissions laws.
I think the cable you sent the Laguna Seca photos under the Atlantic Ocean on must have a leak in the Insulation, the photos have arrived all soggy and wet & salty and blurred at this end!! :D
In my opinion the Kenny Dreer Norton Commandos are gorgeous. They seem to wheelie well judging by the video on his website.
The jap wankel is likely to be a Suzuki RE5, they did sell them on your side of the pond so there should be some around.
Birmingham eh? The capital city of Brit bike manufacturing. The Norton Rotaries were built at Shenstone (North Birmingham).

That was me if you hadnt guessed, I thought i had logged in, computers eh? dont you love em? NOT! :roll:
Laguna Seca Pics

Soggy & salty? You must be spilling your beer on the fish and chips. When you get into the photos section click on each picture, they come up larger and clearer. I rode my '74 JPN Commando to the Superbike races at Laguna Seca last July to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Peter Williams taking a fifth place at that race in '73, the year he won the IOM formula 750. Kenny's girls put about a dozen new Norton stickers on the dash. Right after riding 2 1/2 hours back home I decided to sell the JPN. Couldn't walk for about an hour. I like my roadster!
Theyve dried out now.

Youre right, the photos are fine when you enlarge them... Theres a nice shiny F1, a tasty new red Commando and a lovely pair out in the open. :)
link added

Hey Mate-- Great photos-- I added your link to the main links page.

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