battery and "battery tender" Q

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May 9, 2006
give me gears and levers which i can watch, and i can handle the task, but when it comes to electricity, it takes me a week to wire a headlight. that involves ab. 20 minutes of crimping, the rest of the week it's me 'thinking' if i got it right. :roll:

to avoid further battery woes, i'd like to install the charging cable that came w/ the battery tender. it's just a loom that gets fitted to the battery that has a convenient plug on the end which lets you connect it to the tender w/o resorting to the alligator clips.

now... there is obviously a red and a black cable end. just to be clear, even though the bike is wired w/ a positive earth circuit, do i still connect the positive end of the cable to the positive post on the battery or does the positive earth setup mess things up for this?

also, when using the tender on a battery which is IN the bike, should i still disconnect the bike from the battery, or is it ok to keep it all buttoned up?

battery tender

Speaking of battery tender: does anyone know why, only on the Norton, the battery tender light never/ever turns to green but stays orange as if it was always charging?
mine turns green as well. every once in awhile, i will see it red "orange" and unplug it for the moment and plug it back in and it is green. it seems to always charge it up to 12.4 V. a great devise for winter storage.
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