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Jun 4, 2004
Well I now have most of my 71 Commando Roadster torn down. :) My big question now is OH MY GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE! :shock: I now have enough parts and grease around to keep my lovely wife angry at me for the rest of the winter (which is long in Alaska). Wait till she gets a look at how under budget I planned for this project! I've done business with Old Britts in Washington but I could sure use some advise on other options for buying parts. I like to shop around in an attempt to save cash!

Dah Stickman

I'm not totally familiar with Old Britts but from what I can tell, they are a reputable supplier of Norton and other British motorcycle parts.

So what I'm saying in a round about way is that there is no cheap alternative source of Norton motorcycle parts. In general, Norton parts can be purchased quite reasonably compared to other makes. However, if you feel you are way over budget on your restoration project you have two choices:

1) Sell your bike now to me cheap and cut your loses; your wife will thank you for months to come.

2) Be patient. Break your project down into small financially manageable tasks. This solution works great if you have the will power. Don't scrimp on the frame coating or engine over haul. These items form the foundation of your re-build.

Raber's in San Jose, California might be closer to you than Old Britts so you might save some money on shipping if you buy parts from them.

Other than that, all I can say is that riding a good running Norton is an intoxicating experience and worth every penny you put into it.

HTH (hope that helps) Deb, take note of the abreviation.

Old Brits are great to deal with and very helpful. Their prices are on par with most stateside distributors. I don't know why, but I found parts to be a fair amount cheaper from Norvil. For some reason you can get the same bits cheaper from the UK, even with shipping. Orders never took more than 10 days for me to receive. Good luck with your Norton!
Since purchasing my commando this summer I've used a number of suppliers for parts, going back to many I used with a previous brit bike I owned. I've placed 3 orders thus far with Old brits and have found that there service is superb, parts ship quick and orders are accurate. Price wise they seem a little higher than some other suppliers. The best prices I've seen whether for Triumph or Norton parts is from Waldrige Motors Limited in London Ontario. The prices are far better than most other suppliers especially with the benefit of the canadian exchange rate. I've also been satisfied with purchases and service from Mapcycle in Florida. I used to get stuff from British Cycle Supply in Nova Scotia but haven't done any business with them in a few years, but they are certainly reputable. Waldridge is small and run by knowledgeable enthusiasts relocated here from across the pond - these bikes are in their blood!

Get one or more Domi-Racer/Accessory Mart catalogues, and a Norton factory parts catalogue. You can cross-reference the part# and very often the Accessory Mart catalogue will describe the fitting, e.g. 1/4"X1.5"x28tpi. This really helps when you are looking at a pile of fittings and wondering what came out of where.
I have to echo many of the sentiments already stated. I have received good service from many of the vendors we often see on our lists along with much needed help at times. I have also sent large orders to"Andover" in England and I have to agree with Chris B, the prices were cheaper even with the shipping!!! Just a little harder to complete payment end. They did not have a secure server. Had to call them to give payment info (6 hour time difference if I remember correctly) Still not a big deal, and situation may have changed now. Can relate to questions by S. O. regarding project "Budget" or lack of. Good Luck and hang in there. Once it's all sorted out, the clouds will open to blue skies. Although ther will still be the occasional "Norton" cloud burst! "PA" Norton just wants to keep us on our toes lest we forget!

I am in the same state you are! Bits everywhere and a heaps of Genuine Norton Factory Parts baggies.

I have found "Andover" to be the best option and they have received the bulk of my money. No problems ordering (fax) payment is easy (credit) shipping reasonable (actual cost - unlike others) and inventory on hand.

My rule is " if I call and ask you a question, I will buy the part from you" otherwise bsa-regal.

The resellers, while (occasionally) helpful, can't compete on price and in my experience don't have stock on hand, that is if they send you the right part.... I have had some ridiculous experiences with very reputable resellers - les said the better. I have also had an absurd experience with the NOC UK spares scheme.

I suggest the Commando Service Notes - available from the UK NOC - and stick around this forum. My running list of parts can be found here you might find the list useful.

Good luck!
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Hi fastback,

Thank you for posting your Norton web site. I especially liked the photo essay on the progress of your bike. All in all, I found the site both informative and entertaining. Please post any updates.



PS What is a "click monkey"?
Thanks Jason,

I figured it was a matter of time until someone asked me that. :lol:
I spend my days in front of a computer - manipulating the intangible - digital media.

I am trying to create a site (albeit slowly) that has some value to the amateur restorer and Norton fiend - the gearbox section is the first page that comes close to that goal.

I will post updates as I progress. The bike is awaiting assembly and sorting; I really want to have a ride before the snow falls ~ this year :wink:.

Thank you!

Thanks to all the great input! A special thanks to Phil as it's nice to see I'm not the only person into old Nortons in the "Last Frontier". I'll be in touch with you more in the future I'm sure.
Anyway... thanks again to all!

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