? about 961 commando

May 2, 2009
Anyone know where they source those fairings on the new cafe racer? ...and what material it's made of?

also looking over their site I never realized how much merchandise they are selling. Couple items for my wish list lol

? about 961 commando
yeah, I like that one, the hoodie is really nice too... Couple of the t-shirts are nice, but damn... £30-35 each!!!!! $50 for a t, no thanks :x
yeah, they are not cheap but really good quality. I got the Commando one for Christmas.
Nice jacket...but I don't need a new jacket. Wish they'd just sell me the patches...well, except for Arai/Dunlop - maybe they have Shoei/Avon as alternatives! :)
Flyscreen on the photo bikes is a rapid prototype, so a 3D print if you like, actual part will be a choice of painted ABS or Carbon.
Its a simple affair with just a couple of brackets joining it to the headlight brackets, so it might be a possibility yes.