A great BSA will be coming up soon

Apr 7, 2004
I did some work on this bike and the owner will sell soon because of his love of the two 441's he owns overriding his budget. It is a 1968 Fire bird Scrambler and all the stock parts are there no re-pops.
Go fast look good doing it.
1968 A65 FB 8394
All the original parts were re-plated (no re-pops used) this work done in the 1990’s
(rims, fenders, exhausts and bolts) 5000.00 Worth of receipts in a file from that time.
Since the 1990’s work more has been done.
Since 2002 work done follows
New clutch parts: shock rebound rubbers, Friction plates, Pressure plat Alloy , new springs, duplex primary chain.
Stock Amal carburetors were sleeved by Bruce Chessell, All new jets and needles new float bowls with drains.
Boyer mark 4 installed still have stock stuff points ect.
PODtronics installed still have stock parts.
AGM Battery
Wiring up graded (Grounds added)
Gages rebuilt by Mark Bowmen the mileage kept correct at that time (also new rubber holders).
SRM Alloy sump cover with drain and oil pressure relief valve in S.S.
All new custom cables with nylon liners
A careful tune up it runs very nicely.
Also comes with a 1969 Fire Bird Scrambler tank with Custom paint matching the theme of the bike so you can run the bike on modern fuel. Tank has new badges and nice petcocks and a good cap too.
Also included with the bike a set of modern tires that suite the bikes intended use un-mounted and new, Avon Distanzia’s 90/10 can be seen here http://tiny.cc/1u114
The stock tank and tires are great for shows, but with the later tank and tires this bike can be driven to very hard, beyond what it could do in stock form in 1968. Your choice ride as is and show it stock, or change it up and ride it hard and still show it as used. It’s easy on the eyes both ways.
As stock set up
A great BSA will be coming up soon

other side
A great BSA will be coming up soon

As fitted up to ride extra tank
A great BSA will be coming up soon

A great BSA will be coming up soon
Looks like this will be the one and only FBS in Iceland. It’s a big and small world out there. The best of my customers have done their on work and looked at the numbers and have found the meaning of value.
Definitely a beauty.

I take it the original tank is fiberglass?
Good thing, cause that original tank is just too pretty not to use.

You do nice work Greg.