850 Commmando Break-In Procedure

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Mar 1, 2007
After a years restoratin I am ready to fire up my restored 74 850. It has new rod bearings, main bearings, new rings, new seals,new valves etc.etc.. Tranny completely disassembled and checked.. I put a Pazon ignition on it and it is timed -pre oiled and ready to start with all proper fluids. New Avon tires and tubes. I will put 40w dinosaur juice in it for break-in. I am using original Amal Concentrics. I have heard that after initial engine warmup and checking for return of oil I should make sure timing is correct at 28 degrees btc at 4000rpm. I Checked marks with a degree wheel when I had it down. After that run it a little hard in short bursts to seal the rings for the first 20 miles?? Tighten exhaust while hot. Then after cool down re torque the head bolts to spec. Any more suggestions for finishing breakin???????? and am I doing every thing right??? Thanks for any help---Mark C.
That sounds OK to me.
Keep a look-out for any oil leaks, and re-check that all the fasteners are tight.
Mark, after you have re-torqued the head gasket, it's a good idea to chek the valve clearences as well. Good luck.
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